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Osteoporosis Centrum Munich

The osteoporosis diagnosis and therapy center in Munich is the first medical practice in Germany that has been exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis since 1994. At that time, osteoporosis actually only began to become more and more conscious of the health authorities and the public as an independent and treatable clinical picture.

In the meantime, the WHO (World Health Organization of the UN) has even included osteoporosis according to its real importance in the list of the 10 most important diseases and declared the first decade of the new millennium to be the “Decade of Joint and Bone”. But this has also increased the need for specialized facilities.

Competence through experience…

Our goal is the competent care of patients who already suffer from osteoporosis and, above all, the registration of high-risk patients in order to advise them on timely prevention and to help prevent osteoporosis. In the meantime we have examined, advised and treated thousands of patients, worked on international scientific studies and carried out our own scientific studies.

To this end, we work closely with other specialist institutes and scientific institutions, in particular with Prof. M.A. Dambacher from the Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich, Dr. M. Neff from the Osteoporosis Center Zurich and Prof. Qin from the University of Hong Kong.

Participation in the most important German and international specialist congresses is also an essential part of our work in order to be constantly informed about all new developments. The presentation of one’s own research results also serves for critical discussion with specialist colleagues from all over the world.

Competence through modern space technology …

Since effective therapy is only possible on the basis of a reliable diagnosis, you naturally also need suitable instruments – just as a good musician needs an appropriate instrument. At an early stage – with the active support of Prof. Dambacher and Dr. Neff – introduced the bone structure analysis in vivo in Germany, which has significantly expanded our diagnostic spectrum, which is otherwise still largely based only on bone density measurement.

For the first time, with this high-resolution computed tomography, specially developed for examinations on astronauts, it was possible to look into the bones in addition to the exact measurement of bone density and to make the fine bone structure visible with a very low radiation exposure and completely painlessly.

… for a tailor-made treatment

Ultimately, only an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis enables the actual goal – namely individual and tailor-made treatment or prevention. This also includes a detailed survey of your personal medical history, a thorough examination and any necessary blood tests, x-rays, etc., but above all a lot of time.

A detailed preliminary discussion as well as comprehensive clarification and careful explanations of the findings or any treatment strategy that may be required are therefore natural prerequisites in our center for optimal care and support for our clientele, which includes women and men of all ages.

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