We are a private medical practice with a focus on osteoporosis.
We offer:


  • Anamnese
  • Physical examination
  • Selective bone density measurement (volumetric in mg / ccm
  • Quantitative 3D bone structure analysis in vivo (bone biopsy in vivo with 3D micro-CT)
  • osteosonography (ultrasound)
  • laboratory
  • X-ray (in-house radiologist)

We use the most modern diagnostics with the help of imaging, high-resolution, 3D micro-computer tomography. As currently the only institute in southern Germany, we can routinely make the fine bone structure visible in three dimensions using the latest space technology and analyze it quantitatively, which opens up completely new dimensions in diagnostics.

Therapy (treatment)

  • Medical therapy
  • Nutritional advice
  • Physical therapy (mediation of suitable forms of treatment and institutions)

Studies and observational studies

Time and again, we take part in national and international studies (for example for new drugs) or in observational studies of already established drugs on specific issues. This enables us to offer interested and suitable patients from time to time the possibility of effective treatment under regular medical supervision. This is also interesting for patients with statutory health insurance, because studies are usually free of charge for the people taking part.


The costs for diagnosis and treatment (medication, physical measures, etc.) are usually fully reimbursed by private health insurances.

Since April 1, 2000, the statutory health insurance companies have only covered the costs for a bone density measurement in exceptional cases. Patients with statutory health insurance must therefore pay a flat fee for examination, advice and therapy recommendations themselves. In addition to a detailed written report, you will receive precise therapy recommendations and suggestions for effective preventive measures from us. Unfortunately, as a private practice, we cannot prescribe any medication for you directly. The prescription of possibly necessary medication would therefore have to be done by the family doctor, for example.