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Prof. Dr. Dietmar Daichendt

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Daichendt

Prof. Dr. med. Dietmar Daichendt – Ärztlicher Leiter Osteoporosezentrum
Dr. med. Dietmar Daichendt – Medical Director of the Osteoporosis Center

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Daichendt has been working for years with a focus on osteology on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and bones.

His special focus is on the holistic view of the development of diseases and their treatment. As a general practitioner with numerous additional qualifications, Prof. Daichendt draws on a wide range of experience in the field of medicinal and non-medicinal therapies.

Since 2015 Prof. Daichendt has been running the osteoporosis center in the spirit of its founder, Dr. Helmut Radlayers, go.