Medical history

Medical history (anamnesis)

osteoporose-osteoporosezentrum-muenchen-osteoporosezentrum-muenchen-dr-med-radspieler-diagnosti_cu1532w231h269The diagnosis of osteoporosis begins – as with any other disease – with an exact survey of the personal medical history (anamnesis), the description of any existing complaints as well as questions about existing pain and existing risk factors. The most important risk factors are older bone fractures, in particular bone fractures that occurred after the age of 50 and / or after relatively harmless occasions (accidents), the presence of osteoporosis in the family (e.g. vertebral fractures or fractures of the femoral neck in the mother or grandmother) , a shortened reproductive cycle in women (late menarche – after the age of 16, early menopause – before the age of 45 or an ovarian operation – oophorectomy).

It is also important to determine a loss of size of more than 4 cm and the question of other current or previous diseases such as hyperthyroidism, chronic intestinal diseases, etc. Promote osteoporosis.