When do you need treatment?

Not all osteoporosis is the same, so treatment should, as far as possible, be based on the underlying causes and the severity of the disease. A thorough diagnosis is therefore always necessary before starting therapy, but this should not be limited to the interpretation of some kind of bone density measurement.

therapieIn the definition section, the difficulties of making an exact diagnosis due to the different definitions of osteoporosis used and due to the different meaningfulness of the individual bone density measurement methods are explained. Not every osteoporosis designated as such is therefore in need of treatment!

So before the question of the correct or optimal treatment option can be answered, it must first be clarified whether there is any need for treatment at all! In addition, different classifications of osteoporosis are used depending on age, metabolic behavior of the bone, possibly existing underlying diseases that promote the development of osteoporosis and the severity of the disease. Therefore, there are unfortunately still no uniform guidelines or they are difficult to create.