Inspection – yes or no?

Inspection – yes or no?

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Bone density measurement is only one of many services that has fallen victim to the (necessary) cost-cutting measures of our health system – at least for the time being. Nevertheless, this should not prevent you from having a basic examination carried out in good time to clarify your future risk of osteoporosis (no later than the start of menopause in women, depending on any risk factors that may be present in men). How much money do we spend on our car every year, for example – for maintenance and regular inspections, which also increase the resale value.

However, your health should be more important to you than your car, also with regard to your own “resale value” in old age – what is meant here is of course your future quality of life! Just as you don’t entrust your new car to some small and perhaps cheaper workshop around the corner, but to an authorized workshop, you should also entrust your health to a doctor who specializes in the respective requirements.

It is therefore not to be believed if, for example, pharmacists meanwhile offer some cheap ultrasound measurements as bone density measurements (which they are not) – almost in passing! An old proverb certainly applies here: “Shoemaker stay‘ with your last “.

It is also problematic when more and more doctors share such an ultrasound device and let it rotate between their practices and then offer you any mineral / vitamin preparations to order. It is not uncommon for economic interests to be the focus here.